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Triumphant Woman

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

I made this piece in mexico, when I was 19, before I had had abortions. It was a tree I saw that looked like a triumphant woman mid pose. It reminded me of the power of the woman and our strength in our relationship to the earth.  In retrospect it relates to the medicinal knowledge midwives have, in that power to induce abortion that has been present for generations upon generations and been happening out of the view of the men.  I was staying in the jungle in mexico and  this woman I was staying with, 16 years old, she was asking me about condoms (she had heard there was this thing you could use to stop the semen and not make babies).  Part of my agreement in being present in this village was to not give anything to the people – to avoid desires that were unecessary or conflict amongst people who received gifts and who didn’t… But I really always wanted to give her a stash of condoms.  Cause she had this thing with this boy there, but they couldn’t act on it unless they wanted to get serious… I realize now that this picture relates to access to birth control, and the power of birth control, and the difference it can make in a life.