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Not a Grandma

How I felt at the time…

Confident but sad.

How I feel now…

Happy that my daughter made a good choice for that time in her life.

My story…

As I look back on the moment when my daughter told me she was pregnant and wanted to have an abortion, I totally realize that we have an amazing relationship as mother and daughter. My first thought¬† was that she is pregnant with a potential grandchild. Of course I began to imagine and fantasize how it would be to be a grandmother. Several of our friends’ children were married and having babies and I had enjoyed vicariously all the steps, celebrations, and stories about that stage that our friends were experiencing.
My fantasy and thoughts were very short-lived because I knew that my daughter had made a correct choice for herself when she decided to terminate the unwanted and unplanned pregnancy. She had just begun her career. She had really just started her life. I supported her dreams and I knew that this was particularly hard because she had just started life as a single woman.¬† I did talk to her about her options. I needed her to know that the future isn’t guaranteed, she might not necessarily have another chance to have a child. I wasn’t trying to make it harder, but she needed to hear it.

When she was certain of her decision, all I could think about was how blessed she is that abortion is legal and available. I couldn’t consider her putting her health in danger, and I thought about all the women without access to abortion or birth control.
Although my daughter would have been a wonderful mother, she was not ready to become a mother at such a young age. If she chooses to have a child or children, it will be when she is ready. Then, I will truly be ready too!

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