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Three year Supportion anniversary!

It’s been more than three years since Supportion was created and founded, and more than two and a half years of sharing abortion stories to support women and their partners, families and friends. Congratulations! For more on who and why we are, check out our about page

Recently, a visitor commented on a Supportion story “Over the Hills and Far Away.” Her comment was such a perfect reflection of why this site and community was created that it needed to be shared:

Hi there…I wanted say you are a beautiful soul. I have gone through a very similar experience to yours and reading yours was a really good thing for me. I got very emotional and began to remember the emotions I was having during the time of my abortion. It was good. I also got to thinking about my partner and how he felt about things then and now. I think the way you talked about how your partner acted was something I really needed to hear from someone else…it helps me understand that mine wasn’t the only one who seemed to act the way he did.

I can really relate in that I don’t want to forget my experience and that I wish it would have been my time. I can honestly say that having an abortion really defined who I’ll be for the rest of my life. I truly believe I have a beautiful life today. The past and the future are inexistent.

To everyone who has supported Supportion, shared stories, dedicated time or been helped or supported by the website, thank you! Remember, the greatest way to dispel stigma and demystify abortion is by sharing our stories, so please share your story and support pro-choice policies!

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